Medical Malpractice

Varieties Of Nursing Professional Liability Insurance

There are varieties of nursing professionals, so there need to be varieties of Nursing Professional Liability Insurance, according to the work that they do. There are nursing practitioners, registered nurses, licensed practical nurses, nurses who do home care, nurses who do clinical care, nurses who do advanced dental care, and so on and so forth.

For each nurse they need to have insurance through NSO or some other professional health care insurance. Nurses work very hard to do their jobs. Their jobs are high stress and decisions must be made in seconds.

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There are machines that are available to help them with some of these decisions, but when it comes right down to it, one cannot eliminate the human factor from the nursing factor.

There is always a risk of medical malpractice due to that human factor. Most of the malpractice incidents arise due to human error, they almost certainly are not due to negligence. Everyone needs to be covered. There are instances where the wrong medications have been passed to the wrong patients in nursing homes.

Who is at fault? Is it the nurse who has too many patients to care for? Is it the administration that does not provide for enough staff? Is it the family member who placed their family member in that particular nursing home where their loved one died from receiving the wrong medication? How do we determine liability? The truth varies from case to case.

There are medical examiners who are called in to determine the causes of questionable deaths. How many deaths in nursing homes are ever considered questionable? Or how many deaths from people in the intensive care unit are ever considered questionable?

In reality, medical negligence could have caused the person to expire, but there is often no real way to prove it.

Let us not run down our wonderful nursing profession. They have gone to school for many years. They have gone through a very extensive testing procedure to get their licenses for their specific professions.

Each year they continue to go for continuing education classes to keep their skills up to date, and they are supervised with the greatest of scrutiny. Our hats off to all of our nurses who deserve great praise.

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